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An Environmental Maintenance Company

It has long been recognized that the correct environment is needed in manufacturing, not only to safeguard the product but also for the proper operation of electronic equipment and machinery. There is also a need to protect the most complex of all machinery, the human body. Indoor Air Quality (I.A.Q.) is a concern for everyone who works in a plant manufacturing facility, lab, hospital or office building. The air supply to any workplace has a major impact on Indoor Air Quality (I.A.Q.) and consequently on employee productivity. The HVAC system that brings the air supply should be free of dirt and contaminants.

Chemiclene, Inc. has been providing HVAC System cleaning and other environmental services in the tri-state area for major corporations since 1954. During this time, there have been many advancements in equipment and procedures in our field. We continue to improve our company using these advancements to provide the best service for our clients.

Chemiclene, Inc. has been a NADCA member since 1990 and performs its services in accordance with NADCA standards. We are also a member of IKECA, IAQA, ISN, PICS, NFPA and ISPE. We are fully insured and recognized as a Small Business Enterprise (SBE).